Former news journalist, award-winning fiction writer, and adoptive mom Catherine Pike Plough weaves real-life events and real-life experience together into this tale of international intrigue, inspiring conversation among teens, families, and others touched by adoption.

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Blu Conversations with this author may be arranged for youth and/or adults. Catherine brings lively discussion on a variety of topics including:


  • The Origin and Themes of The Blu Phenomenon
  • International Adoption: How It's Changing Families and Communities
  • Tell Your Story! The Power of Your Own Story in Shaping the World

The Olympian-in-training will be faced with decisions that will impact his future, as well as those for whom he cares—on both sides of the ocean.

Thirteen-year-old Chinese adoptee Cal Vandiver resides in California with his adoptive parents, plagued with an ever-present fear of being “taken,” exacerbated by his uncharacteristic blue eyes and extraordinary athleticism. Cal and his band of friends discover someone really is watching him. What happens next thrusts his under-the-radar existence into the spotlight, forcing him to a place that’s anything but safe as he trains for the 2020 Olympic Games.

an asian adoptee. an olympic challenge.

an epic destiny.

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“This story portrays how China’s democratic movement might be globalized as a result of adoption and Chinese emigration. Using an inventive story as her vehicle, the author of The Blu Phenomenon conveys a hope that the people of China will yet dream of ‘change.’”

— Harry Wu,

Founder & Human Rights Activist

The Laogai Research Foundation

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“An engaging read for all young adults … In particular, Asian and transracial adoptees will find that the cultural complexity presented will resonate with them in a deeply personal and profound way.”

— Susan Soonkeum Cox,

Vice President Policy & External

Affairs, Holt International

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“As a teacher and a parent, I highly recommend this book for young adults. Beyond the engaging tale of international intrigue, The Blu Phenomenon touches on relevant topics.”

 — Gifted education teacher, NC

“This was a mesmerizing read. While the story is about Cal, the story lines involving his friends keep the tale moving at a quick pace that tie together beautifully in the end. The adoption relationship is the true star of this book. This is a 5-star read.” ★★★★★

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